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        1. 全自動造型機廠家


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          Jiangsu Yancheng Longwan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern and practical enterprise integrating casting and processing. The workshop is equipped with perfect processing equipment and standard clay sand production line, three horizontal automatic molding machines and two horizontal molding production pouring lines. The annual output value of castings is about 15000 tons. It mainly produces casting machine accessories, cast iron elbow pipe fittings and some ductile iron castings.



          Longwan machinery officially purchased zoomzu horizontal full-automatic frequency conversion molding machine in the middle of 2019. The height of sand box of 550mmx650mm size molding machine can be adjusted to 460mm. It is equipped with automatic horizontal molding production line (pouring line). The above picture shows the shooting record after the equipment installation in the initial stage of commissioning.



          After the installation of the automatic molding production line, the photos of Ms. He, zoomzu's technical personnel, Lin Gong and Zheng factory director of Longwan Machinery Co., Ltd



          The whole line is designed with conventional single main machine (automatic molding machine) equipped with a and B lines, as well as pouring end a and cooling section B. the mold shifting mechanism is equipped at the end of pouring end to transfer the sand mold continuous casting piece with box iron removed into the heat-resistant cooling conveyor belt to ensure that the cooling time of sand mold after pouring is about 60-90 minutes, and the power output is hydraulic, such as the push device on both sides of the molding line The pressure and flow rate can be adjusted and controlled, and the running speed is more stable and flexible in the process of sand mold transfer and propulsion. The electric control cabinet of Siemens PLC is used to control the whole auxiliary line separately. It is interconnected with the molding machine PLC to complete the circulation transfer of the sand mold and automatic box pressing iron. The automatic degree of the box pressing iron manipulator is high. It can automatically detect the height of the sand mold and place it at the relative position height, and a trolley positioning device is equipped to ensure each time the box iron pressing In the process of equipment production and use, if you need to change the mold, you can also flexibly change, one key reset, etc.


          550mm x 650mm全自動造型機完成拋凡機配件的生產造型圖片

          550mm x 650mm automatic casting molding machine completes the production modeling picture of the casting machine accessories



          The horizontal molding machine can complete the molding of cast iron pipe fittings and place the film coated sand core. The horizontal parting is convenient for core setting.


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